First SPSE Baraboo outing – 6/30/13 – Devil’s Lake State Park, South Shore

All in all our first outing for St. Paul Street Evangelization, Baraboo was good. It definitely helped assuage any nervousness we were having about it. And – it put our Catholic faith out there in a big way. There were lots of “No”s to the offer of a rosary but there were some “Yes”es too. Most of those were from practicing Catholics. Although, two rosaries were handed out to two people (at different times) who believe in God but are not practicing any faith. Our conversations were so short so that part is tough because we’d like to tell them so much more!  After the short conversation with them we just left it up to God to develop any seed that was, hopefully, planted. Truly, that is all we are there to do – plant seeds.

There was one very lengthy conversation with a woman who is a practicing Catholic from the Chicago area. She was thrilled that we were out there. And – another family also from the Chicago area thanked us for putting our Catholic faith in the public square too. So – we were given much encouragement from fellow practicing Catholics who witnessed our presence.  We are praising God for his goodness to us!