Onward and Upward

Thanks to the help of the Holy Spirit, things have been progressing steadily for SPSE as time goes by. We now have 6 Teams in the Dallas – Ft Worth area. And we are adding people all the time. We have teams going out in public several times a month now.
We would love for you to join us in spreading the word of God! Feel free to contact us and join up with a team in your area!

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About Paul Mathers

Raised without much religion. Met wife Karen who was a cradle Catholic. Went to Church for years and were "lukewarm". Heard Fr Corapi speak and dove into the deep Catholic waters of the true depth and truths of the Church Jesus created in 33AD. After reading a lot of books, like "Catholicism and Fundamentalism" and listening to people like John Martignoni and Mother Angelica, I began to realize that Catholic Truth needed to be spread whenever possible.