On this day, three members from the Legion of Mary and Donald Hartley, aka “The Catholic Defender” joined 5 members of the Dallas SPSE chapter: Paul (taking the photo), Brandon, Cheryl, Erin, and Gene for an awesome day of evangelization. We had multiple conversations and handed out over 150 rosaries!


Art, Paul and Oscar had a 45-60 minute conversation with some young, college age folks 
from Washington state, who were non-denominationalists in town to evangelize too. They talked about 
Sola Fide, Sola Scriptura, Papal Authority, and other issues. It was very educational for both sides.


Cheryl, Brandon, Gene, and Erin at the Tyler State Fair! They came down to help out the Tyler SPSE chapter!


Erin, Gene, Brandon, and Allison in a serious conversation with members of the Jehovah Witness. Allison, of the Tyler chapter, followed up in email discussions for almost a year with one of the members.


Gene, Allison, and Erin at Mount Vernon’s county fair.


Paul and Mark ready for action!


Erin, Gene, and Donald met a man from the local homeless shelter. They prayed with him and gave him a rosary!


Cheryl talked with a group of Catholics from Mexico! It’s great to be bilingual!


Did you know that Darth Vader and Storm Trooper are Protestants!! Cheryl was shocked to find out that they were actually Protestant evangelists handing out tracts explaining that we are saved by faith alone. Gene and Paul talked with them on their Facebook page for a couple of days until Darth Vader befriended them and banned them from the page. We know where they evangelize and will be in contact with them again. May the force be with us!!


We always have plenty of pamphlets and rosaries ready to hand out!!


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