Friday, June 30 Event

Our Flagstaff St. Paul Street Evangelists will be out on Heritage Square, Downtown Flagstaff once again! Please pray for us as we spread the Good News!

Rosaries and Catholic Literature will be available for free to any who would be interested.

Opportunities to pray with people in need is also available.

Heritage Square, Downtown Flagstaff, Friday, June 30 from 6:30 pm – 8 pm


There were 5 of us out at Heritage Square and we were very Blessed to meet a number of people (Daniel, Peter, Robert and many more). We prayed with people, we prayed for people, we provided free Blessed Rosaries and Catholic Literature, we handed out church bulletins inviting some to attend Mass and we engaged in conversation with people about our faith. We feel so privileged to be able to Share the Good News! Thank you for those who have prayed for a safe and successful event at Heritage Square. One of our highlights included talking to a young boy (Peter). After giving him a rosary he said in reference to Mary, “She must be really, really special because she gave birth to Jesus”. How profound from such a young one! Yes indeed Peter she is!

Please pray for all those we met that they be inspired to move closer to Jesus. Check out our Prayer Warrior section on this website, perhaps you will join and support our team by praying for us and those we meet.

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