Oktoberfest 2017

We will be at Wheeler Park for Oktoberfest!

You will find us just outside of the main area of activities. Please keep us in prayer that we may touch the hearts of many. Stop by our booth, we will have free rosaries to distribute and Catholic Literature.

Saturday, October 7 from 11:30 am – 2:00 pm


Today was a beautiful day! It was warm and sunny. Thank you Lord for being with us and sending your Spirit to move hearts!

We set up a table outside of the Oktoberfest held in Wheeler Park. We had a constant flow of traffic. We brought rosaries, miraculous medals, catholic literature, Holy Cards with scripture, etc. God brought us hungry souls and the Spirit moved people to engage in conversation with us. How blessed we were to be part of his Holy Plan!

We prayed with people in public, we wrote down names in our prayer book (which will be brought before the Lord in our adoration chapel), we engaged in uplifting conversations, we handed out church bulletins inviting people to Mass, we gave out free rosaries and literature. We were only there for two hours but at the end it was exhausting, don’t know how the early disciples did this all day long!

Here are some “Stories from the Streets“:

Michael and Roney are two homeless people who wanted prayer and rosaries. Roney asked for a hug and said “that is the first real hug she has had in a long time”. She was truly touched.

When we asked DJ if he wanted a rosary, he actually said he was looking for one. He has been going through a really rough time but now is trying to get his feet back on the ground. He recently was released from jail and he is going to AA. We gave him a bulletin, inviting him to Mass and a rosary. He also agreed for us to pray for him which we did on the spot.

Had a long conversation with Allison. She accepted a rosary and a card about “the Real Presence”. Allison is not Catholic but was interested to hear about the Marian apparitions such as Fatima and Eucharistic miracles. I invited her to Mass and provided her with a bulletin with Mass times.

These were just 3 stories but we had so many more, again we were so thankful that so many people were welcoming to the idea to talk about Jesus and receive rosaries from us. We had a Blessed Day! Thank you Sam, Pat and Brian for doing God’s work!

2 thoughts on “Oktoberfest 2017

  1. +JMJ… Thank you so much for posting these follow-up stories relating to the evangelizing efforts of your apostolate. It is truly heartening to learn of those who are placing themselves on the “front lines” of the worldly living to introduce others to the Good News of Jesus Christ and the sacramental life of His Holy Roman Catholic Church. May Mary, Seat of Wisdom and of Good Counsel intercede for all your efforts.

    • Hi Miss Ronnie,
      We are glad you enjoy reading these! Please keep us in your prayers that our work will bear fruit!

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