Heritage Square, March 2, 2018

Sam, Libia and I set up shop at Heritage Square for the First Friday Art Walk. The crowd was a bit smaller than usual, but we enjoyed talking to a number of people. Our youngest was in high school. We gave away free rosaries, miraculous medals, catholic literature and had the opportunity to pray for a number of people. All those we talked to, we added their names to our Prayer Book which is brought before the Lord in our Adoration Chapel weekly. Prior to beginning our work, we prayed asking the Lord to open hearts and open our ears and also for protection. We included the St. Michael’s Prayer. I really believed this helped us in at least one situation where a woman who seemed very troubled approached our table and was interested in what we had but she was VERY nervous about her boyfriend who she said was “watching” her. As she left our table we could hear a man yelling to her asking what she was doing. All three of us began to pray for protection for that woman. In a few minutes both came back to the table. She was encouraging him to accept Jesus. He shared with us that he “sold his soul to illuminate” We prayed for them but I sensed that he was into a very dangerous group. Please help us pray for “Vivian” and her boyfriend William that they will have the courage to walk away from this group.

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