Earth Day Event: Sat, April 21, 2018

Our Evangelizing Team will be in Bushmaster Park from 10 – 2pm. Stop by our table for some fun Earth Day activities and opportunity to receive Catholic literature, rosaries, prayers for intentions and of course loving conversation!






Fruit of our Efforts:

We were blessed to have Pat from the Franciscans join Sam and myself at our table at Earth Day. We provided opportunities for children to come and color pictures of St. Francis and St. Kateri (patrons of the environment) along with learning a little more about each of them. The day turned out to be a success! The weather was perfect (just a bit windy, but not bad).

Keep these folks who we met at Earth Day in your prayers:

Miguel who is running for Congress as a Democrat. He professes to be a Catholic but yet is running on a Pro Choice platform.

Jason who is a Protestant who was willing to chat and hear information about the Catholic faith.

Linda who is a member of another spiritual faith. She took a few pieces of literature about our Catholic faith to read what we believe.

Suzanne who is studying at NAU for her PHD to work in counseling. Prayers as she settles in Flagstaff.

Vontreave who just was released from jail, she wants to be reunited with her family and be able to transition back into the city in a positive way.

Douglas asks for prayers to reconnect with his family, especially his daughters.

Patricia was very happy to see us and all that the Catholic items we had to handout. She is suffering from depression and anxiety.

Patrick needs prayers for hip and Sciatic pain which is limiting his mobility.

Prayers for Esther who was run over by her son.

Tyler that he and his family will be led to the Lord.

Eva has cancer

Prayers that Trina finds new housing.

Here are Pics from our Adventure:

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