First Event for Flagstaff Team!

Come join us!

Friday, June 2

Heritage Square

6:30 – 8:30pm

We will be giving out Free Rosaries and available to answer questions about the Catholic Faith. Maybe you need prayers for yourself or a loved one?  Let us assist by praying with you. Looking forward to meeting you in person!


Heritage Square was filled with many people because of the First Friday Art Walk which occurs throughout downtown Flagstaff monthly. The weather was great and there was entertainment along with other booths sharing information.

Praise God for the opportunity to talk to MANY people! And thanks to our Prayer Warriors who kept us safe on the street and opened the hearts of many we chatted with. We gave out 71 rosaries to all kinds of folks: Men, Women, Children, Young Adults, Christians, Catholics and non Believers. We also gave out literature and Church Bulletins (inviting some to Mass).

One particular conversation struck me. It was with two sisters visiting Flagstaff from Missouri. They mentioned their Dad was Catholic but neither were practicing Catholics. We shared about our joy we experience in our faith and provided them with literature (Reasons to Return to the Faith, Why Be Catholic, and Common Objections). I could tell they were touched since they conversed with us for quite awhile. Keep them in your prayers! Oh yes and they did accept rosaries. I am sure Mary will begin working on them!