Heritage Square, Fri, Sept 7, 2018

What a busy day today! How Blessed we were to meet so many people. Please help us to pray for:                                                                                                                  Regina Salas as she campaigns for City Council
Couple who are Fallen Away Catholics
Couple from Tucson
Gentleman concerned about the sexual abuse problem in the Church                                                                                      Daren and Coral                                                       Kia who is contemplating joining our Evangelization Team                                                                                                Nick the Scooter Guy                                                                                                                           William                                                                 Liam


A few of our team members were talking with “Liam” and he was not Catholic but he was interested to hear what our members had to say. It was suggested that he go to Nativity Chapel since there was Adoration in progress. Later in the week, one of our members “ran” into him again and found out that he did go to Nativity and was there for TWO hours! The Holy Spirit is working on this soul, lift up prayers for Liam that he will continue to search for the TRUTH! He also said “The Saints are my Heroes”.


There was a woman who approached our table asking for prayer. She lost her Mom the week prior and was devastated. Her Mom (Lily) was Catholic but this woman (Marlene) was not. She was open to accept a rosary and other literature. We prayed for her on the spot and further found out she served over 10 years in the Marines but currently was Homeless and recently abused. We were able to contact Victims Services who contacted local authorities and medical assistance since Marlene was suffering from the physical abuse she encountered earlier that day. Please keep Marlene in your prayers that she can overcome the many obstacles she is facing!


If you are interested in joining our Team, please email: Marie at Mrsather@gmail.com

Training is provided and it is such fulfilling work! Must be 18 years old, and a Catholic man or woman who follows the Magisterium of the Church.

Heritage Square, Fri, Aug 3, 2018

Enjoyed meeting a number of people today in Flagstaff at Heritage Square. We talked to Kevin who is looking for employment, a home, and food. Ken was raised Catholic and needs prayers to return to the faith. Tyler is a college student at CCC who could use prayers in finding his true Career Path and searching for God in his life. We handed out rosaries, saint cards/medals and Catholic literature.

Dear Lord, Please keep all those we talked to in your arms, caring for them and healing their wounds whether physical, emotional or spiritual. We are all your children, we acknowledge you are Our Father, Creator, Lord and Savior. Be with us as we search for Truth, Faith and Love.

Earth Day Event: Sat, April 21, 2018

Our Evangelizing Team will be in Bushmaster Park from 10 – 2pm. Stop by our table for some fun Earth Day activities and opportunity to receive Catholic literature, rosaries, prayers for intentions and of course loving conversation!






Fruit of our Efforts:

We were blessed to have Pat from the Franciscans join Sam and myself at our table at Earth Day. We provided opportunities for children to come and color pictures of St. Francis and St. Kateri (patrons of the environment) along with learning a little more about each of them. The day turned out to be a success! The weather was perfect (just a bit windy, but not bad).

Keep these folks who we met at Earth Day in your prayers:

Miguel who is running for Congress as a Democrat. He professes to be a Catholic but yet is running on a Pro Choice platform.

Jason who is a Protestant who was willing to chat and hear information about the Catholic faith.

Linda who is a member of another spiritual faith. She took a few pieces of literature about our Catholic faith to read what we believe.

Suzanne who is studying at NAU for her PHD to work in counseling. Prayers as she settles in Flagstaff.

Vontreave who just was released from jail, she wants to be reunited with her family and be able to transition back into the city in a positive way.

Douglas asks for prayers to reconnect with his family, especially his daughters.

Patricia was very happy to see us and all that the Catholic items we had to handout. She is suffering from depression and anxiety.

Patrick needs prayers for hip and Sciatic pain which is limiting his mobility.

Prayers for Esther who was run over by her son.

Tyler that he and his family will be led to the Lord.

Eva has cancer

Prayers that Trina finds new housing.

Here are Pics from our Adventure:

Heritage Square – April 6, 2018 – 1st Friday Art Walk

Once again we proclaimed the Good News on Heritage Square to a variety of people! Not too large of a crowd but we had some interesting conversations with a number of people. One in particular struck me. Mark shared that he was a Secular Humanist. We had interesting conversations that varied from when the Gospels were written to supernatural phenomenon such as miracles. What was interesting is that Mark “came back” to our table twice for further dialogue. Please keep him in your prayers. I gave him a CD on the Miracle of Fatima for him to listen to.

We had our full team in force this night! Rosaries and miraculous medals were given out along with Church Bulletins and invites to Mass.

Prayers for Chaz that he will be open to the Catholic faith, Bud that he find his lost keys and Christina for safe travels. That is what we do; we share the Gospel and pray with others in need. Perhaps you might consider joining our team, training is provided!

Heritage Square, March 2, 2018

Sam, Libia and I set up shop at Heritage Square for the First Friday Art Walk. The crowd was a bit smaller than usual, but we enjoyed talking to a number of people. Our youngest was in high school. We gave away free rosaries, miraculous medals, catholic literature and had the opportunity to pray for a number of people. All those we talked to, we added their names to our Prayer Book which is brought before the Lord in our Adoration Chapel weekly. Prior to beginning our work, we prayed asking the Lord to open hearts and open our ears and also for protection. We included the St. Michael’s Prayer. I really believed this helped us in at least one situation where a woman who seemed very troubled approached our table and was interested in what we had but she was VERY nervous about her boyfriend who she said was “watching” her. As she left our table we could hear a man yelling to her asking what she was doing. All three of us began to pray for protection for that woman. In a few minutes both came back to the table. She was encouraging him to accept Jesus. He shared with us that he “sold his soul to illuminate” We prayed for them but I sensed that he was into a very dangerous group. Please help us pray for “Vivian” and her boyfriend William that they will have the courage to walk away from this group.

Arts and Crafts Event

Enjoyed a wonderful time meeting people as they shopped at the Women’s Club Arts and Crafts event at San Francisco de Asis School Gym on Saturday, October 28th.
Provided free rosaries, Miraculous Medals, Catholic literature and CD’s. Met a variety of people: Folks who have left the Catholic church and are interested in returning to others who were not Catholic. Enjoyed great conversations and had the opportunity to pray with people and invite some to Mass, RCIA and to contact our parish office to handle an annulment.

What a blessing to meet such wonderful people and share our amazing faith! Thank you Lord for allowing me to serve!

Many thanks to the Women’s Club for allowing us to have a free table! God Bless you!

Oktoberfest 2017

We will be at Wheeler Park for Oktoberfest!

You will find us just outside of the main area of activities. Please keep us in prayer that we may touch the hearts of many. Stop by our booth, we will have free rosaries to distribute and Catholic Literature.

Saturday, October 7 from 11:30 am – 2:00 pm


Today was a beautiful day! It was warm and sunny. Thank you Lord for being with us and sending your Spirit to move hearts!

We set up a table outside of the Oktoberfest held in Wheeler Park. We had a constant flow of traffic. We brought rosaries, miraculous medals, catholic literature, Holy Cards with scripture, etc. God brought us hungry souls and the Spirit moved people to engage in conversation with us. How blessed we were to be part of his Holy Plan!

We prayed with people in public, we wrote down names in our prayer book (which will be brought before the Lord in our adoration chapel), we engaged in uplifting conversations, we handed out church bulletins inviting people to Mass, we gave out free rosaries and literature. We were only there for two hours but at the end it was exhausting, don’t know how the early disciples did this all day long!

Here are some “Stories from the Streets“:

Michael and Roney are two homeless people who wanted prayer and rosaries. Roney asked for a hug and said “that is the first real hug she has had in a long time”. She was truly touched.

When we asked DJ if he wanted a rosary, he actually said he was looking for one. He has been going through a really rough time but now is trying to get his feet back on the ground. He recently was released from jail and he is going to AA. We gave him a bulletin, inviting him to Mass and a rosary. He also agreed for us to pray for him which we did on the spot.

Had a long conversation with Allison. She accepted a rosary and a card about “the Real Presence”. Allison is not Catholic but was interested to hear about the Marian apparitions such as Fatima and Eucharistic miracles. I invited her to Mass and provided her with a bulletin with Mass times.

These were just 3 stories but we had so many more, again we were so thankful that so many people were welcoming to the idea to talk about Jesus and receive rosaries from us. We had a Blessed Day! Thank you Sam, Pat and Brian for doing God’s work!

Art in the Park Event

Yesterday Sam and I ventured into Wheeler Park to meet folks at the Annual Labor Day Weekend – Art in the Park Event. We set up our table and displayed various pieces of literature about our faith along with beautiful 4×6 cards and rosaries. Everything we provided was free and we did have many people stop to check out what we were doing. We met various people: families, old and young, fellow Catholics, people who have left the faith and one who had a belief in Transcendence spirituality. We prayed with people, encouraged families to pray the rosary together, listened, gave out information and invited many to Mass. We were so Blessed to meet so many wonderful people. Thank you Lord for your safety and for opening the hearts of others.

Friday, June 30 Event

Our Flagstaff St. Paul Street Evangelists will be out on Heritage Square, Downtown Flagstaff once again! Please pray for us as we spread the Good News!

Rosaries and Catholic Literature will be available for free to any who would be interested.

Opportunities to pray with people in need is also available.

Heritage Square, Downtown Flagstaff, Friday, June 30 from 6:30 pm – 8 pm


There were 5 of us out at Heritage Square and we were very Blessed to meet a number of people (Daniel, Peter, Robert and many more). We prayed with people, we prayed for people, we provided free Blessed Rosaries and Catholic Literature, we handed out church bulletins inviting some to attend Mass and we engaged in conversation with people about our faith. We feel so privileged to be able to Share the Good News! Thank you for those who have prayed for a safe and successful event at Heritage Square. One of our highlights included talking to a young boy (Peter). After giving him a rosary he said in reference to Mary, “She must be really, really special because she gave birth to Jesus”. How profound from such a young one! Yes indeed Peter she is!

Please pray for all those we met that they be inspired to move closer to Jesus. Check out our Prayer Warrior section on this website, perhaps you will join and support our team by praying for us and those we meet.

First Event for Flagstaff Team!

Come join us!

Friday, June 2

Heritage Square

6:30 – 8:30pm

We will be giving out Free Rosaries and available to answer questions about the Catholic Faith. Maybe you need prayers for yourself or a loved one?  Let us assist by praying with you. Looking forward to meeting you in person!


Heritage Square was filled with many people because of the First Friday Art Walk which occurs throughout downtown Flagstaff monthly. The weather was great and there was entertainment along with other booths sharing information.

Praise God for the opportunity to talk to MANY people! And thanks to our Prayer Warriors who kept us safe on the street and opened the hearts of many we chatted with. We gave out 71 rosaries to all kinds of folks: Men, Women, Children, Young Adults, Christians, Catholics and non Believers. We also gave out literature and Church Bulletins (inviting some to Mass).

One particular conversation struck me. It was with two sisters visiting Flagstaff from Missouri. They mentioned their Dad was Catholic but neither were practicing Catholics. We shared about our joy we experience in our faith and provided them with literature (Reasons to Return to the Faith, Why Be Catholic, and Common Objections). I could tell they were touched since they conversed with us for quite awhile. Keep them in your prayers! Oh yes and they did accept rosaries. I am sure Mary will begin working on them!