Stories from the Street – Nov 4th, 2016 Friday Fest

From the Friday Fest outing – Nov 4th 2016.

Met John – a “Mormon” who is open to learning about the Catholic Faith.  He took a Miraculous Medal and a Rosary.  Listened to the Story of Jesus starting his Church which is still in existence today, called the Catholic Church.  He was willing to consider joining Janet at Mass at St. Anastasia Church on Sunday at 5 pm.  I have several contact numbers for him, since he borrowed my phone several times calling his wife.  Will follow up with him when I return from my vacation.  Susan had also gotten his information for the prayer intention log we had with us.  He had interviewed for a new job that morning and was hoping to get it and said yes he would like us to pray for him.

Janet’s friend Mary was given a Miraculous Medal by another Evangelizer and we all had a very long discussion about the Resurrection of the Body and how Mary and the Saints are alive in Heaven.  We also discussed the “Real Presence” of Jesus in the Eucharist and that it is not just a symbol like she believes.  I gave her several pamphlets about Fatima, the Petrine succession, the Eucharist, and hopefully she will read them and we will be able to discuss any questions she has.  I have her contact information to get back to her.

After the L.P.A choir sang their last song, Janet ran into an older couple that was looking into the wagon of goods.  I asked the gentleman if he would like a free rosary or Miraculous Medal.  He told me no, it wouldn’t do any good.  I asked how could it not do any good?  They can both give you “grace” and we all need grace.  The wife saw the blue Rosary and was happy to take it, saying it was her favorite color.  I talked to the gentleman a little more and finally got out of him that he was Catholic but doesn’t really go to Church any more.  They were discouraged since so many of their grown children have left the Faith and now practice, “Scientology”, “Jehovah witness”, Baptist”, an “Atheist”  to name a few.  I asked them to return to the Mass with me at St. Anastasia at the 5pm Mass. He did decide to take a 4 Way Cross after all and I gave her one as well. I do not remember their names and I forgot to get any contact information or to offer to pray for them or write it down.

The Last Gentleman “Matt” that stopped me as I was going out to my car, wanted to ask me a question about abortion.  He was an older gentleman and wanted to know how abortion can be legal, but if a pregnant woman is killed, the person can be convicted of a double homicide?  I told him, it doesn’t make sense to me either.  Science has proved life begins at conception and the child should be given the same rights and protections as everyone else.  He told me his 1st wife died from Cancer.  He was very active in his Catholic Parish near Detroit and was even President of his Parish Council and a CCD teacher.  He met his 2nd wife through a Catholic Ministry there.  But soon found irreconcilable differences because she was Pro-abortion even though she was a Nurse and Catholic.  They were divorced.  I asked if he goes to Church and he said he hasn’t since 2000 at his Mother’s funeral Mass.  I told him being a Catholic all he needs to do to be welcomed back into full communion with the Catholic Church is to go to Confession.  I also asked him to join me Sunday at the 5pm Mass.  He was a little emotional and was trying not to cry from the joy he was feeling.  He asked if he could hug me and I hugged him back.  I asked if he thought the Holy Spirit was working that night?  That I happened to be walking by back out to my car and he stopped me and we were able to talk.  He really wants to return to Church, but has to share a vehicle with his Sister and didn’t know if he would be able to use it this Sunday.  He said he was willing to go to Confession too.  I did also forget to get his contact information and to ask if I could pray with him.  I was still trying to find my daughter after the concert and was getting worried because I knew I had been tied up with both previous conversions and was distracted.  Lessons learned though, that I need to remember to ask for prayer intentions and contact information for each person that we have a discussion with.  I also ordered business cards and will have them at my next outing.