Evangelizing Events


We will be Street Evangelizing downtown Fort Pierce at Friday Fest every Month.  We will meet in front of the Fort Pierce Library, shown above, around 5:30 p.m., say a prayer and evangelize for as least an hour, or about 7pm.  We will be meeting on each First Friday of every Month.  We will have a wagon with our Medals, pamphlets, CD’s and Rosaries to handout and our Catholic Truth sign.  We will not have a booth but will hopefully find a place to set-up near the action.  Friday Fest Events last from 5:30pm-9pm.

If anyone missed the Evangelization Workshop, there is free on-line training available on this site.  Also please review the “One Good Reason” handouts before we go out to Evangelize.  It is one of the best tools given to us and the most successful way to have other’s listen.  All are welcome to come join us, whether you have finished training or not!

If anyone has questions or needs anything please contact Janet Dimitroff at 772-359-7160.  I have about 300 Miraculous medals on chains.  1000 Divine Mercy holy cards, 1000 Miraculous medals cards and 500 St. Michael Holy Cards.  I also have a CD burner and several hundred blank CD’s to make copies of the CD’s we handout free.  Our team has the starter kit and I received a 2nd set of 300 Rosaries.  I can also order supplies for you at the Member Store.  Just let me know by email what you would like.