Stories from the Street Dec 2nd, 2016 Friday Fest

Sorry that the I got the group started a little late.  My evangelizing started as soon as I pulled my wagon out of my van and materials toppled to the ground.  A Hispanic family was near and came and helped me out.  They pointed to their little girls necklace which was a beautiful Miraculous Medal.  I offered the 4 adults Miraculous medals and rosaries and cards to go with them and asked if they attended Church nearby.  They admitted they don’t go regularly and I asked them why.  The Mother pointed to the child that was just about 2 yrs old.  I explained that I totally understood that, that I have 5 kids of my own and Church attendance was challenging, but my Children behaved best when I sat in the very front pew.  That way they see everything the Priest is doing and the whole Church can see them.  They behaved much better.  She said she would definitely try and get to Church more often and give that a try.

Our Evangelization team (Martha, Antonio, Vicki, Diane, Janet) met by the fountain across from the Fort Pierce Library, prayed and immediately started handing out Rosaries and Miraculous Medals.  We moved through the crowd with our wagon and set-up off to the side of a main intersection of two walkways between all the Booths.  We had lots of people passing by for the 1 1/2 hrs we were there.

We met many Fallen-away-Catholics, several were definitely interested in returning to the Church and took literature on “Confessions”, “Reasons to return to the Catholic Church” and “How to Pray the Rosary”.  We also handed out CD’s about the Miracle at Fatima to a couple Catholic Families that stopped by. I met many more Catholics out this time, that gratefully accepted the Miraculous Medals and took extras to handout to their Grandchildren, Children and nieces and nephews who were making their first Communion this spring.

Diane, one of our Evangelists met a man, Jeff, that was so happy and moved by emotions to see us there on the street and his desire to return to the Church.  They talked for awhile and then he came up and grabbed the Confession pamphlet and told me he definitely needed that.  I talked with him more and gave him my Contact card that has St. Anastasia’s Mass and Confessions times on it.  I also gave him Reasons to return to the Church.  Let’s pray that the Spirit continues to guide him back to the Church.

Janet met Jeffrey who is a fallen away Catholic that didn’t want to take anything at first.  But then agreed that we all need “grace” from God and put on a Miraculous Medal.  He agreed that Jesus came to save us from our sins and that we all need him in our lives.  I gave him a pamphlet of Reasons to return to the Church and my contact card.  Let’s pray that Jeffrey follows his heart that is agreeing he needs God, and he will ask the questions that are keeping him away from the Church and get the answers he needs.

Janet also met Maria and her daughter Sylvia.  Maria was so happy to see us there as well.  She told me she has been telling her daughter for months she needs to find a Catholic Church and get back attending.  I gave her my contact card, that has St. Anastasia’s address, Mass and Confessions times on it and said we would love to have her come back and join us there.  She was happy to take a Miraculous Medal and a Rosary.  Let’s pray that Maria finds her way back to Church.

We even met another Christian Group from Vero, handing out material about the Salvation Jesus offers to each of us.  They took Miraculous Medals and agreed that we all have the same God and can use the grace given to us and we are all brothers and sisters in Christ.  It is good to meet on common ground.

We each met people who were anti-Catholic and “know what we believe” about Saints, Mary and the Rosary.  I explained that the Rosary is a mediation on Jesus life and Biblically based and went through several of the Mysteries with them from the Sorrowful, the Joyful, and the Luminous Mysteries.  That’s okay that they don’t want to accept it, we can never force beliefs on anyone.  We are still respectful and wish them a Merry Christmas and God Bless you.

We also took down several prayer requests.  I brought them to the Adoration Chapel Friday night and prayed for each one and for the people that we made contact with this evening.

Another successful Evangelization outing and looking forward to January’s Friday Fest which will take place on Friday, January 6th.  We will plan on meeting in front of the Library.  Please stay there as new people are trying to join our group as well.  We will meet about 5:15pm and plan on moving into the Festivities by 5:30pm after praying together.  There should always be at least two Evangelizers going out together at a time for safety reasons.  If anyone wants to do the Saturday morning Farmer’s Market starting at 10am on the weekends other than Friday Fests, please let me know.  We did not do any in the Month of November but it is always a possibility in January.  I believe December’s schedule may be a little too hectic for everyone right now, so I will only plan December’s Farmer’s Market if someone else really wants to do it.

Please, if you have any questions or need anything, please call me at 772-359-7160.

All praise and glory be to God for allowing us to bring his word and hope out to the People who need and want to hear it.

Thanks and God Bless,

Janet Dimitroff

Team Leader