Stories from the Street – Feb 3rd, 2017 Friday Fest

Just wanted to share the amazing workings of the Holy Spirit from our last outing with our Team.  We had a new member John join us from Stuart for the first time and he jumped right in and did an awesome job engaging passersby.  We had the Net Team also come out and add their youth and zeal.  Vicki brought her grandson and he was thrilled to offer Rosaries to people as well.  Over all we handed out almost 100 Miraculous Medals (I had 3 left), about 35 – 50 Rosaries, maybe more and several pamphlets and CD’s.  I have ordered 300 more medals and chains, so no worries about running out again.

I had a woman approach me after reading our Catholic Truth – Got Questions? sign.  She said “I have a few questions for you”!  She first asked how I would explain the Trinity? I prayed for the Holy Spirit to give me the right words and they seemed to satisfy her.  Next question was about “re-baptism”. I explained the Catholic Church does not teach that anyone needs to be Baptized more than once.  That Baptism takes away our original sin and we become Sons and Daughters of God, so once that is done there is no need to re-do it.  We always remain God’s children.  Next question was about Confirmation and why we Catholics do it?  I explained the best I could that Confirmation is the laying on of Hands like the Apostolic Tradition of conferring the Holy Spirit on a person.  Like Jesus when he sent the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles in the upper room, the Holy Spirit fills us with courage and fortitude to proclaim boldly God’s Love, Grace and peace he wants to give to each and every one of us.  That he wants all people to be saved and the Spirit strengthens us to follow Christ and avoid sin.  She explained she was raised Catholic but with only hearing the fire and brimstone Catechism, that if you do this or that you will go to Hell.  I said the Church has definitely come away from mostly teaching that and now proclaims God’s Mercy and Love and forgiveness more.  We just had the Year of Mercy and I told her more about the Divine Mercy.  I gave her a quick story of my deeper conversion after an amazing Confession and How God was always calling me back to him.  He brought certain people into my life to help me on my journey back to him.  The most important thing was feeling his Love and forgiveness present in my life everyday.  I gave her Dr. Scott Hahn’s CD of Rome Sweet Home and Reasons to return to the Catholic Church and the Why be Catholic pamphlets.  She than hugged me and thanked me.  She had been going to a nearby Presbyterian church and had her children going to St. Andrew’s School.  I think she was really looking for a reason to return to the Church and just needed to be invited back.

We met many people who at first do not want the free Miraculous Medal, but when told that they will receive special Graces from God just by wearing it, they change their minds and gladly take one and put it right on.  Antonio is my prayer warrior while we are engaging people walking by.  By his prayers, you can see the hearts open and these people become open to hearing the message from God, that God loves them and wants to help them by giving them the grace they need now.  Diane and Adriana both had interesting encounters as well.  Lets continue to pray for the hundreds of people we encountered and that the Holy Spirit will continue to guide them back to God and his Church asking all this in Jesus’ name.  Amen