Stories from the Street – Oct 13th Trunk or Treat

I set-up early for the Trunk or Treat with my wagon of goodies at the back of my open van, (pictures on St. Anastasia’s web-site). The children weren’t allowed to come through the gate yet, but a gentleman named Evens came up to me to ask a question.  He asked about the choir at Church and I gave him the Ministry Leaders name to contact.  He looked troubled and I asked if he would like me to pray for him.  He said “Yes”, he has been having a lot of anxiety and thoughts that he was going to die.  He was under this crushing feeling that he was sick and dying, even though the Doctor’s and tests said he was healthy.  John, who drives all the way from Stuart, joined me just at this time.  I asked him to join me in prayer with Evens.  We held hands and called on the Holy Spirit, to fill Evens with his power and might, to show him God’s love and peace, and fill him with God’s grace.  We then asked in Jesus’ name to cast out the evil spirit of anxiety, to cast out the evil spirit of the death thoughts, to cast out the evil spirit of illness thoughts and all the other evil spirits filling him with fear.  Evens hands and arms were physically shaking as each evil spirit was being cast out.  John suggested we pray the St. Michael prayer together and we did.  As we said the part of “cast into Hell Satan and all the evil spirits that prowl throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls”, Evens arms and hands shook violently again.  When we finished, Evens was looking at us with awe and wonder and asked, “what was all that shaking about”?  I told him, that was the power of the Holy Spirit casting out the evil spirits in Jesus name.  I said isn’t God’s power amazing, praise be to Jesus Christ.  He was so happy to have seen us there and thanked us for praying with him.  He wore his Miraculous Medal and took a Rosary and pamphlets.   I took down his information and will follow-up with him soon.

The next best thing was the line of kids who waited patiently to receive their very own Miraculous Medals, Rosary (color of their choosing) and a Pope Francis Million dollar bill.  My son Sebastian and neighbor friend Juliana helped handout the candy until it was gone.  But the kids and parents kept coming for the medals.  We gave out close to a hundred of each if not more and the “How to Pray the Rosary” pamphlets with them.  At the end of the night, the best thing was my son commenting to me, “I can’t believe how many kids were waiting in line after the candy was gone, at least 20 at a time, to get a Miraculous Medal and Rosary!” That is the best kind of Evangelizing we can do for our families, to show what being a Disciple of Christ is.

Please come join us at Friday Fest downtown Fort Pierce on the first Friday of every Month.