Stories from the Street – Jan 6th, 2017 Friday Fest

We met together in front of the Library as usual around 5:30pm.  We had a couple new people join us to Evangelize.  We went over a couple of things, prayed for the Holy Spirit to help our efforts, open people’s hearts and speak through us.  We set-up shop at a busy cross walk intersection in the middle of the Friday Fest booths and jumped right in handing out free Miraculous Medals and Rosaries.

Janet met a couple who at first didn’t want to accept the Miraculous Medals, but than changed their minds.  They said they were Catholic and went to St. Anastasia Church for Christmas Eve Mass.  I told them that was great, do they go there every week?  They admitted they only go on Christmas and Easter.  As most people, they say they are too busy, or don’t feel they have to go every week.  They talked about their grown children and that they had fallen away from the Catholic faith.  I asked if I could pray for them.  They both said yes.  As I prayed for them, the Holy Spirit took over and said that “Jesus loves them so much, he misses them and wants to see them every week.  He wants to pour his love, mercy and grace on them.  He doesn’t want to wait for Christmas and Easter to see them.  I prayed also for their Children to know that God loves them too.”  They both were emotional and crying and thanked me for talking and praying with them.  They were going to go to the 4pm Mass on Saturday’s.  Let’s pray that God clears their paths to help get them there each week.

Diane offered a Miraculous Medal to a woman who turned it down and she became Hostile as she continued to talk to Diane.  The woman was Jewish and a Doctor and said that “Jesus could not have bled on the cross after he was dead, when the lance pierced his heart.  Because people don’t bleed once they are dead”.  Diane listened patiently as the woman continued talking about how her parents were Holocaust survivor’s and the struggles they endured.  Diane asked if she could pray for her and her deceased Parent’s.  She said yes and appreciated the prayers.  She said her husband had been a Catholic and would consider coming to St. Anastasia Catholic Church.  As with so many people we meet on the street, many just need someone to listen to their story and then invite them to Church.  By showing our love and concern and listening to them, they are willing to hear about Jesus and his love for them.

Many people we met this outing were Catholics and were invited back to attending church.  Those that were attending were happy to see fellow Catholics out Evangelizing.  Almost everyone we met accepted a Medal or a rosary and the How to Pray the Rosary pamphlet.  The harvest is plenty, but the worker’s are few.  Please consider joining us next Friday Fest February 3rd, 2017.  Maybe you can be the person that makes a difference in someone else’s life.