2015.12.13 Southlake

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On Sunday 13 December, 2015, two evangelists from the Fort Worth team were present in the Southlake town center in Southlake, TX from approximately 1:30 to 3:15.  There was decent pedestrian traffic, but few people stopped to engage with us.  We spoke to a Christian woman who’s father was Catholic and had received some catechism growing up. She didn’t have any questions about the faith.  She took a Rosary/pamphlet and we invited her to consider becoming Catholic.  We met another Christian woman who was interested in knowing what the Rosary was.  We explained how to pray the Rosary.  She seemed interested, and the fact the Rosary is a “Catholic thing,” didn’t seem to bother her at all.  She took a Rosary/pamphlet.  Another Christian woman stopped because her two young sons wanted Rosaries.  We explained to her what the Rosary is and how to pray it.  We explained the Biblical nature of the Hail Mary and explained that anyone can pray the Rosary.  They took Rosaries/pamphlet.  We met a young woman who is currently in RCIA.  When asked what drew her to the faith, she said it was the example and faith of her father, who is Catholic.  A Catholic woman took a Rosary from us and returned later asked for prayers for her son, who is experiencing significant difficulties. We prayed with her.  Please pray for him as well.  As always, it was a joy to serve Our Lord in this way. Please pray for us.