2017.09.09 Southlake

Saturday 09/09/2016, Southlake Town Square, Southlake TX.  The Fort Worth team was out evangelizing from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm.  Most of that time there were four evangelists  there.  We had five evangelists briefly, which is great.

We handed out Rosaries and literature.  We had conversations with quite a few people.  We were spread out throughout the area, so I can only comment on what I was involved with.  I had a conversation with a high Anglican.  She took a Rosary.  I reminded her that the Catholic Church is her spiritual heritage and that the division in the Church are not the will of God.  I invited her to consider becoming Catholic and gave her a “reasons to return to Catholic Church” pamphlet.  We met a very active young Catholic man.  I invited him to consider joining the team.  I saw a family sitting in the shade.  I offered them Rosaries, which they took.  They said there were Catholics from the Austin area.  Later in the afternoon, we met a Catholic man who was happy to see Catholics evangelizing.  I invited him to join the team.

Please pray for us.