2017.10.07 Southlake

Saturday, 10/07/2017, Southlake Town Square in Southlake, TX.  There were four evangelists from the Forth Worth team present from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm.

The Southlake Octoberfest was in progress when we arrived.  There were many people there.  We set up our table in our normal location by the fountain.  Two team members stayed at the table, and two team member walked through the Octoberfest crowd (which was a short distance away but out of direction line of sight) and handed out Rosaries and engaged people in conversation.  This was very effective.  We handed out many Rosaries and had many more conversations than we normally do when we are in a static location. The two evangelists who were walking returned to the table to restock on supplies.  Because walking was so effective, the team decided to put the table and sign back in the car.  All four took Rosaries and pamphlets and walked through the crowd in two teams of two evangelists.  It was a great day.  We handed out many Rosaries and spoke to many people about the Catholic Faith.  The following is a short recap of some of the conversations I had.

A woman approached me who wanted a Rosary.  She was Baptist, but her Mom, who is not Catholic, had many statues of saints.  The woman said she took comfort from the statues of the saints her mom had.  I explained the Communion of Saints to her and how wonderful it is to have brother and sisters in Heaven who pray for us.  I then discussed with her the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary as the Mother of Christians.  When I asked if she had considered becoming Catholic, she said he had always been Baptist.  I invited her to consider becoming Catholic.  I gave her pamphlets and my card if she had any questions later.

I met a Buddhist man whose wife and in-laws are Catholic.  When I asked him if he had considered becoming Catholic, we discussed the nature of truth, the similarities and differences between Buddhism and Catholicism, the natural virtue of religion that is found in all peoples and cultures and the culmination of all these in Jesus Christ who is THE Truth.  He felt that all religions lead to the same place.  I encouraged him to consider that if Jesus Christ is who He says he is (God), then that is different from all other prophets or messengers who came before.  I encouraged him to read “The Case for Christ.” I invited to consider becoming Catholic.

I met a young couple.  The woman was raised Catholic but no longer goes because she is busy.  She also recently moved to Austin.  I encouraged her to go to Mass and reminded her that relationships require investment.  She then said that they (the couple) should get the baby baptized.  She was pregnant was was referring to the baby she was carrying.  Later in the conversation, she revealed she had received her First Communion, but that her other children hadn’t received some or all of the Sacraments.  She said they should get the other children to the Sacraments.  I encouraged to contact her parish and tell them she wanted to get her children the Sacraments.  I gave her my card and told her that if she had any trouble finding a church to let me know.  She thanked me and said I was the first person who had spoken to her about the Catholic Church since she came to Texas.

I met another non-practicing Catholic who took a Rosary but didn’t want to talk.

I spoke with a woman who was working one of the booths.  She was a Christian.  She had never considered becoming Catholic.  I invited her to Catholic Church.  I told her that wherever she is in her personal relationship with Jesus, she can be closer to Him in the Catholic Church because of the Sacraments, which He gave us.  She took a Rosary, pamphlets and my card if she has any questions.

I spoke with a couple who were working another booth.  The man was raised Catholic but now goes to a non-denominational Church with the woman.  We discussed Faith and Works, working out our salvation, the Sacraments, the authority Christ gave to men (The Apostles) to forgive sin.  She stressed the importance of being able to go directly to Jesus.  I told them both that they’ll lose nothing of what they had said was important by coming to the Catholic Church.  They can still go directly to Jesus.  I told them they would also gain alot by coming the  Catholic Church.  I invited them to consider it.

We met a number of Catholics who took Rosaries and were supportive and happy to see us out evangelizing.  One man said he wanted to join the team.  I gave him my card.

Please pray for the people we spoke to and please pray for us.  If you are reading this, I invite you to join the team.  It is a wonderful ministry.