2018.07.07 Bear Creek Park

Two members of the Fort Worth team evangelized at Bear Creek Park in Keller, TX from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.

It was a beautiful morning. There was an event at the park today, so there was good pedestrian traffic. We handed out Rosaries and engaged with a number of people. We met a number of fallen away Catholics today. We met a woman who used to be Catholic but left because the Church is too black and white and she has alot of grey in her life. One of the issues she brought up was contraception. We pointed out that Christianity is a revealed religion, meaning it isn’t something humans made up, and it takes an act of faith to accept Christianity and to accept teachings that are difficult for us. We also pointed out that all Christians rejected contraception until the Anglicans accepted in in 1930. We invited her to return to the Catholic Church and encouraged her to pray about it. We met a young couple who had only a general belief in God. We discussed the similar moral norms of many cultures and pointed out that Christianity is unique in saying that God came down and lived among us. Building on this, we pointed out the importance of the Resurrection as verification of Jesus’ claim that He is God. We encouraged them to read “The Case for Christ,” which discusses the historical evidence for the Resurrection. They were interested and took Rosaries. We invited them to the Church. We met a woman who used to be Catholic but is now a Lutheran because she didn’t like the liberalization she saw in the Catholic Church. We encouraged her to attend a traditional Catholic parish. We discussed that the division in Christianity is a tragedy and that Christ desires that we all be one Church. We invited her to come home to the Catholic Church. We met a Methodist man who said he has wandered from church to church. We invited him to consider becoming Catholic.

Please pray for the people with whom we spoke and for us.