2018.07.21 Bear Creek Park

Saturday, 21 July, 2018, three members of the Fort Worth team evangelized at Bear Creek Park in Keller, TX from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm.

Within Bear Creek Park our destination was the weekly Keller’s Farmer’s Market (KFM) on the eastern border of the park. Last time we set up on the northern end of the KFM area, outside of the booth zone, and we were not approached by KFM personnel. This time we set up in the midst of the KFM across the paved path from the booths (see photo). We were there about a half hour before we were asked to leave. The KFM representative said they lease that part of the park from the city and that we needed to move to the other side of the creek. We thanked them and moved as directed. Nevertheless, during the 30 minutes we were ‘within’ the KFM we had a handful of meaningful interchanges w passersby.
There was a young mother with two children in tow who explained she was raised Catholic but now belonged to a ‘home church’. We offered a Rosary and she took it along with instructions on how to pray it. Interestingly, her children nodded a silent ‘yes’ when we invited her to return to the CC.
Then there was Jocelyn, who was at the park with her husband, two children and mother or mother-in-law. When we asked her if there was anything she wanted prayer for, she responded yes – that she might conceive another child. Her husband was walking about twenty yards ahead so we asked if she’d be returning this way and she said yes. We then said we’d offer a prayer for her and her husband together when they passed by again. We didn’t know we’d be asked to leave the area just moments later. Lesson learned: don’t wait to pray with someone!
After we left our initial spot we set up in the shade on another path across the creek from the KFM. There were very few people walking this area of the park on this scorching Saturday, but by and by there came a little girl, her mom, and the mom’s mother.
The grandmother’s name was Arfaye, and she relocated from OK to DFW within the last six months to be near her daughter and grandchild. Arfaye explained that she went to Catholic school as a young child, even though her daddy was a Baptist minister, because her mom thought the nuns could help ‘straighten her out’. She said she is currently unaffiliated and was open to considering the CC even though she laughingly said her memories of the nuns were not especially favorable. We personally invited her to attend Mass with us at SEASCC the next Sunday and she agreed, even providing her phone number so we could make arrangements. We will follow up with her and, hopefully, she will attend Mass with us on a Sunday in the near future.