2018.08.18 Bear Creek Park

There were three evangelists from the Fort Worth team at Bear Creek Park in Keller, TX from 11:00 – 12:00 on Saturday, 18 August, 2018. We set up adjacent to the Keller Farmers’ Market. There was good pedestrian traffic. We had many good conversations today and handed out Rosaries and literature.

We spoke with a woman who is Methodist. She said she considered joining the Catholic Church a long time ago when she was in the military. We discussed the historical fact that the Catholic Church alone can trace its origins back to Christ. We discussed how the division in Christianity is not what God wants. She agreed with these points. She brought up the point that the Church is very black in white on issues of morality. She mentioned contraception. We discussed that Christ didn’t teach us directly on every moral issue. The Church interprets His teaching and applies it to moral issues. Christ commanded his Apostles to baptize all nations and teach them to observe all His commandments. Consequently, it is good for the Church to teach how to deal with particular moral issues. We invited her to consider becoming Catholic. She said she would think about it.

We spoke with a man who used to be Catholic but left the Church because it excludes people from the Eucharist. In making this point, he focused on Catholics who are divorced and remarried. We discussed this with him, but our conversation was cut short because his wife arrived and he had to leave. He asked when we would be at the park next, and he said he would come to see us.

We spoke with a Catholic woman who isn’t currently going to Mass. We asked her what was keeping her away from the Church. She said that was a good question. She thought about it and said basically said she just doesn’t go. We discussed the basic fact that all relationships need to be invested in to grow and develop. Building on this, we discussed the fact that we are made for God, and that He alone can fully satisfy our hearts. She agreed with this. I shared with her how important my relationship with God is to me and that was the very reason I was standing in the park. I wanted to help others have this as well. She said she had never heard anyone explain it like that before. I invited her to consider coming back to the Church. She said she would consider it.

We spoke with a woman who was raised Catholic but is currently Methodist. She explained the historical reasons for how she ended up in the Methodist church. When asked what is preventing her from coming back to the Catholic Church, she said all her siblings have returned to the Catholic Church. She said it was a good question and thought about it. She said it was her husband, who was also raised Catholic but is also now a Methodist. We invited her to return to the Catholic Church. She said he would discuss it with her husband.

A man approached us and began to talk with us. It was clear he was emotionally distressed. He told us wife had recently passed away. We asked if he wanted to pray together. He said yes, and we prayed with him. Afterward, he told us he was a lapsed Catholic who had been away from the Church for 46 years. We told him he was very welcome to come back and told him the local parish has confession every Thursday. He took alot of literature and a Rosary. I gave him my contact information in the event he needs help or just needs to talk. Please pray for this man. His name is Sam.