Come and See…..Follow Me on August 2nd

Our favourite Saturday of each month will soon be with us again. The team is looking forward to meeting at St. Charles Borremeo Church in Jarret Street for the 12.10 mass before walking over to Monument bridge to spend an hour offering roseries and listening to those who stop to talk and often ask us to pray for them. It is a real privilege to do this for Jesus and the Gospel message.
We also intend meeting during the previous week for prayer that seeds will be sown for the Holy Spirit to water and encourage growth. We also need to pray for each other.
Do please join us for one or both meet ups or pray for us on August 2nd.

5th July

We stood in our usual spot of Monument Bridge and had a busy hour. God brought us many people and we talked, explained the rosary as a prayer about the life of Jesus Christ and prayed with a variety of people of all ages. We also had some Catholics from other parishes who came to say hello. Here is one of our stories to share with you.
A lady passed by and then came back to us, she was very upset about her son being in prison for the second time. She found some comfort in that he goes to church when in prison. We gave her rosaries and explanation cards
for herself and her son and she hoped he would be allowed to have it in prison. We explained how powerful praying the rosary is to help famililes. Finally she also asked us to pray for her little dog called snoopy who is her companion and is ill. She gave us a big hug when she left.
We welcomed three new evangelists including our youngest yet Dominic who is only 3 years old, his mum Kelly Ann and Ann Marie.
Many thanks to all who prayed for us especially our prayer support group at Endsleigh led by Mary and Kathy.
Thanks be to God for all the people who stopped today and may God bless all our team evangelists and prayer group.

Saturday July 7th you are invited…….

Yes you are invited to join us for an hour of street evangelisation on Saturday 5th July.
Meet at St.Charles church at the 12.10pm mass. We then go out for 1 hour to Monument Bridge.You can meet us there at 1.15 until 2.15.

We stand on Monument Bridge and we smile and offer free rosaries, talk to people about the Gospel and offer them prayer.
If you can’t make it but see us please come and say hello or we meet for a coffee in Heaven on the corner of Story Street at 2.30 following our time on the street and you are very welcome to join us there.
Our prayer support team meets at 1-3pm at Endsleigh on Beverley Road in the chapel and you are very welcome to join that group.
Please pray for us on saturday and for all the people we meet.

Not so flaming June!

256It wasn’t flaming June but soggy when we went Street Evangelising on Saturday 7th. Penny, Judith and I were joined by Jean from our RCIA group who is waiting to be received into the Church. Jean was brilliant and engaged with many people.
We met some lovely people today including a young man who lifted up his t-shirt to reveal his chest and a tattoo of two praying hands with a rosary. It certainly was a surprise!
Josef was a young man from Rochdale who wanted his photo taking with his mum and dad they talked with about Jesus at length. Josef is only 7 years old. He and his mum and dad wanted their photo on the website and we are delighted to oblige.
We also prayed with a woman who wanted a rosary for the mother who at 97 is experiencing short term memory problems. Her mother said the rosary many years ago and her daughter thought she would remember when she held one.
Our thanks to all our prayer supporters especially those at the Divine Mercy Day at Our Lady’s Shrine of Walsingham.

Come and See on June 7th

Hello Everyone
The St.Paul Street Evangelisation team from St. Charles Borromeo is out on saturday 7th June. Meet at St. Charles for the 12.10 mass and then we will go to Monument Bridge from 1.15 to 2.15pm. We will be giving free rosaries to anyone interested and talking about the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ with people and offering to pray with and for them.
If you can join us you will be very welcome. If you can’t join us please remember us in your prayers.

God bless you all.

Our lovely prayer support team

May 14 se prayer groupour lovely prayer support team meets at Endsleigh Pastoral Centre on Beverley Road in the Chapel in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament from 1-3pm while the street team are out. We can’t thank them enough for their prayer. We also have a number of prayer supporters who pray for us at home while we are out, and we are equally thankful to them.
May God shower his blessings down on them and their families.

Saturday MAY 3rd

Saturday 3rd May, Hull, UK. We had a great day today 6 of us went to the Monument Bridge and gave out many rosaries and prayed with a number of people. One man who was in his 80’s told us he had been an altar server at masses said in Latin and hadn’t been to Mass for decades. He took a rosary and we invited him back to Mass. God willing he comes back. Prayed with many other people and gave out information about our faith. I must say this work is a joy to do and such a priviledge to speak the name of JESUS to so many people. God bless you all.
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Saturday 3rd May Please join us

Hello we would like to invite you to our hour on the streets tomorrow. We will be sharing the Good News and telling the people of Hull about our Lord Jesus Christ. You would be very welcome to come along. Meet us at St. Charles Borromeo Church for mass at 12.10 or Monument Bridge at 1.15, or if you would like to join the prayer group at Endsleigh they will be there at 1-3pm. God bless you all.
You can contact me on 01482 574486

April 5th Our second outing on the streets

Saturday 5th April and our second outing on the streets. We had a great time and gave out information and rosaries to many people and prayed with people on a number of subjects. We are finding that young people are more interested in what we are saying than older people. A new evangelist joined us this time she is a student at Hull Uni and has done street evangelisation in Dublin. She was great as was our prayer team down at Endsleigh Pastoral Centre and our other supporters. God bless you all.april 2014PIC_1193
If you would like more information about our next outing on the streets contact us

Saturday April 5th Our second outing onto the streets

I would like to invite you to the second outing of the St. Paul’s evangelisation in Hull. We meet at St.Charles for mass at 12.10 and then take the trolley full of rosaries and miraculous medals to Monument Bridge near Victoria Square and Princes Quay. We will be there at about 1.15 to 2.15 and if you see us come and say hello or give us a wave.
Our aim is to tell the people of Hull about Jesus, we do this by inviting them to accept a free rosary and the explanatory leaflet. We explain the rosary is a prayer about the life of Jesus. We listen to people and ask if there is anything they would like to be prayed for.

If you would like to join our prayer group supporting us while we are on the street and praying for everyone we meet then they will meet at Endsleigh Pastoral Centre on Beverley Road at 1pm -3pm.
But please pray for us and everyone we meet on April 5th
A top tip for evangelisation – SMILE