Our First Post and an Introduction!

Hello to all that may be reading this! My name is Nick, and I’m excited to finally announce that the SPSE Chapter for the greater Joliet area is now live! A quick introduction: I’m a millennial husband and father of two. Also a cradle Catholic, I try to get involved as much as I can on a parish and diocesan level, from teaching catechesis to junior high students, to promoting the benefits of Natural Family Planning for the Couple to Couple League. You can check out my podcast “Ask a Catholic Dude” over on Anchor.FM. I also write for a variety of Catholic publications, and you can see some of my work over at Ascension Press.

Ever since I heard about St. Paul Street Evangelization, I felt drawn to what the great members of this apostolate were trying to accomplish: to preach Jesus Christ, and to be unashamed in doing so. As Catholic Christians, it is our duty to spread the faith to all those that will listen. Our Lord Jesus commanded all of us to preach the Gospel, and to lead all those that are not Catholic into the bosom of Holy Mother Church. That’s what we were equipped to do when we received the sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation! Now’s the time to utilize those gifts that were given to us by the Holy Spirit! I am excited to start this apostolate in Joliet and the surrounding suburbs, and I hope that if you are reading this, you will also feel inspired to come out and evangelize with us. Please, keep us in your prayers as we get underway! Ask for the intercession of Our Lady, Mother of the Church, and for the intercession of St. Paul. We truly wish to do God’s will, and we could definitely use your prayers and support in trying to realize this.

Feel free to contact me at the e-mail address found on the side of this page at any time. We hope to mobilize in the summer, so stay tuned for more updates on meeting times as we coordinate a calendar. Also stay tuned for random blog entries as we ramp up and get ready to go. Hope to see some of you out on the streets with us! God bless!

St. Paul Preaching in Athens

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