We Hit the Mother Load!

Well it looks like we’ve already started off on the right foot! I received a package this morning, and it was bursting with Street Evangelization tracts, literature and material! So how’d this happen exactly?

Once we were made official, I started reaching out to nearby chapters in the area. I got in contact with a couple of them, and I recently just talked with Maria, the chapter coordinator for the Hobart, IN chapter. She had some extra material she wanted to send our way, and I was more than happy to accept her offer. But I had no idea we’d get so much great material. Take a look!

The tracts from SPSE are wonderfully written and edited. They contain material from some of the greatest Catholic authors, apologists, and theologians out there, including Dave Armstrong, Dr. Robert Fastiggi, and John Martignoni. We also received some DVD and CDs, including audio talks by Dr. Scott Hahn and Fr. Mike Schmitz! This will be great material for us to pass out when we start to hit the street!

Of course, I’ve been told by other seasoned veterans that the most well received “gifts” by people that walk by are the Miraculous Medals and rosaries, but these will be great siupplements. In due time, we’ll get a supply of these as well. In addition, I also have some copies of Trent Horn’s new book “Why We’re Catholic”, which was written at about an 8th grade level, so it’s easy enough for all types of people to get into and read. But in any case, I’d like to give a big thanks to Maria for helping us out with the literature and materials!

Stay tuned for more news coming soon!

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