SPSE in Lambert Airport

We had a great day at Lambert Airport in Saint Louis, talked to over 50 people, handed out 32 Rosary’s and 15 Books and several types of literature.  Met one couple eager to get back to the church and took a couple of books we had and they set a New Years resolution to go back.  Four people asked for specific prayers for healing and employment. One passenger was a young military member heading to Japan and was very curious, he took a copy of the Gospel of Luke. Several people were not familiar with the Rosary, we handed out pamphlets about how to Pray it. One Person was a Catholic missionary who said she wanted to take the Saint Paul Street Evangelization idea to her Parish in Texas. One person was just returning from taking care of her aging parents, asked for prayer. A great afternoon, thanks to Jean who came from an hour away to help out.

Pictures From A Recent Event in Saint Louis!!!

A quick report from an evangelism outing in Saint Louis, Missouri. A combined team of 11 SPSE members met up outside the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis. It was a very cold and gray morning, but we had a good amount steady traffic for two hours. We handed out probably 50 to 60 Rosaries to people passing by, but mostly to individuals and families that were entering the Cathedral for a tour or were just curious.

Some of our SPSE members had a wonderful conversation with a married couple.  The husband was Lutheran and the wife said she was an ex-Catholic.  We explained to them the Church’s teachings behind the doctrines of purgatory, devotion to Mary, and prayer to the saints.  I simply compared our practice of asking for Mary’s prayers to the practice most Christians have of asking others to pray for them.  Why wouldn’t we ask the Mother of God for prayers?!  Jim covered how Martin Luther prayed the rosary and continued his devotion to the Mother of God even after the Protestant revolt began.  We also discussed our disagreement with the Lutheran view that grace does not transform us.  As baptized Catholic Christians, we are transformed by grace and become new creations (2 Cor. 5:17).  We shared we are creatures destined for great holiness, which is either attained or not attained depending on our cooperation with grace.  We are capable of great goodness!

Overall, the people who visited the Cathedral came from many different faith traditions, but by them just visiting showed an openness that made it a great venue for evangelism. Also, the SPSE members that participated came from various parishes, some as far as one and half hours away.  We shared a prayer at the conclusion of the event for the Holy Spirit to continue to guide us and shared how we can support one another no matter where the next evangelism event is held.

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St. Paul Street Evangelization is a grassroots, non-profit organization, dedicated to responding to the mandate of Jesus to preach the Gospel to all nations by taking our Catholic Faith to the streets. We do this in a non-confrontational way, allowing the Holy Spirit to move in the hearts of those who witness our public Catholic presence.

Christ’s call to evangelize was made to every Catholic Christian, and the Second Vatican Council reiterated this need, urging each of the baptized to bring the Gospel, found fully in the Catholic Church, to a culture that has largely reverted to paganism. As an on-the-street Catholic evangelization organization, St. Paul Street Evangelization provides an avenue for you to share the Person of Jesus Christ and the truth and beauty of the Catholic Faith with a hungry culture. Click Get Involved on the menu to find out how you can help.

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