SPSE @ Lambert Airport

We had a great day at Lambert Airport in Saint Louis, talked to over 50 people, handed out 32 Rosary’s and 15 Books and several types of literature.  Met one couple eager to get back to the church and took a couple of books we had and they set a New Years resolution to go back.  Four people asked for specific prayers for healing and employment. One passenger was a young military member heading to Japan and was very curious, he took a copy of the Gospel of Luke. Several people were not familiar with the Rosary, we handed out pamphlets about how to Pray it. One Person was a Catholic missionary who said she wanted to take the Saint Paul Street Evangelization idea to her Parish in Texas. One person was just returning from taking care of her aging parents, asked for prayer. A great afternoon, thanks to Jean who came from an hour away to help out.

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