Quotes from Pope Francis

“Being Christian is not just obeying orders but means being in Christ, thinking like him, acting like him, loving like him, it means letting him take possession of our life and change it, transform it and free it from the darkness of evil and sin…Let us show the joy of being children of God, the freedom that living in Christ gives us which is true freedom, the freedom that saves us from the slavery of evil, of sin and of death!”- Audience, April 10

“May you also be true evangelizers! May your initiatives be ‘bridges,’ means of bringing others to Christ, so as to journey together with him,  And in this spirit may you always be attentive in charity.  Each individual Christian and every community is missionary to the extent that they bring to others and live the Gospel, and testify to God’s love for all, especially those experiencing difficulties.”- Homily, May 5


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