Alamo Ranch Chapter

The Alamo Ranch Chapter is starting this June/July 2018. The sole intentions for this chapter are to praise and glorify the Lord.

As of March 2019, our members have recently evangelized by the Fort Sam Houston neighborhood, distributing leaflets, entitled “Why Be Catholic” and the “Problem with Suffering.” On June 15, 2019, we have met at the Main Plaza by the San Fernando Cathedral from 11:00 to 1:00 p.m. Several pictures have been taken at this event, and these pictures are now available for viewing. The latest team outing has occurred at the same location on July 19, 2019. A few pictures have been taken at that outing, too. On August 16th, we will meet at the Main Plaza by the San Fernando Cathedral. August is the month of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The August Meet Up has occurred (and it was hot outside!),and we are looking forward for September’s activities. Maybe it will be cooler in September. Please check September’s Calendar.

In addition, we have received over 8,000 blessed Miraculous Medals from the Association of the Miraculous Medals. These blessed medals have been distributed to the various Catholic churches in the San Antonio area. We have ordered an additional 5,000 blessed holy medals. Hopefully, we will receive those medals and distribute them as soon as possible.

We welcome any new members to join us in our evangelization efforts. As stated in the introduction, our intentions are to praise and glorify the Lord.

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I am a retired teacher and a retired school counselor. I have been in public education for over 40 years. In the service of Jesus Christ, I have served 1.5 years in prison ministry at the Dominquez State prison. Furthermore, I have served as a catechist at St. Anthony Claret Church for about 2 years. I am married to Norma, and I have a son and a daughter who are named Louis and Thalia.

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  1. We will be evangelizing at the Main Plaza in front of the San Fernando Cathedral on July 19th
    from 10:00 to 1:00. We have done door to door, passing out leaflets in certain neighborhoods. Presently, this chapter is growing, and I hope to add more members as we move along.

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