Fr. Walter Ciszek SJ (1904-1984), Servant of God

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Fr. Walter Ciszek SJ was a war prisoner during the Communist reign in Russia. He spent five years in Lubianka in solitary confinement, undergoing grueling and tortuous interrogation. There he experienced the most profound conversion in his life, that brought him to love and seek God’s will. He went on to spend 18 more years as a war prisoner in Siberia suffering unimaginable back breaking hard labor and living in the face of evil. He came to appreciate the integrity of the “body” and what an amazing work of wonder that God has created in our “body”, taking the brunt of all our physical suffering and yet carries the soul in it’s will to survive. We are after all created as “body and soul” and Fr. Ciszek realized how underappreciated the body has become when it comes to our spiritual growth, when in fact, it is in both “body and soul” that we indeed work out our salvation. He has written two memoirs and one of them is “He Leadeth Me”, a more in depth spiritual account of his experience in Lubianka and Siberia, and how in the midst of suffering and evil, he has grown closer in union with God.

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