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Miracles in evangelization—do they still happen today?

In the Old Testament Moses and Elijah performed miracles to confirm God’s existence and call people to repentance. Beginning with Jesus and the Apostles, and throughout the history of the Church, healing has had a special role in evangelization. In fact, one of the main reasons that Christianity spread so quickly was because of the signs and wonders performed in the Church during the first several centuries of its existence.

Many of the saints were known for performing great signs and wonders to give evidence of the power of Jesus as Lord and Savior. Some of these saints would train others to perform miracles, like St. Francis Xavier, the great patron saint of the missions, who taught children to heal the sick and tell them stories to build their faith.

It’s not hard to believe that God would use saints to perform miracles. Even saints of the last century, like St. Padre Pio, were known to perform signs and wonders. Yet, do we believe that God wants to use ordinary people like you and me to do so?

Here at St. Paul Street Evangelization, we have discerned that God is opening the door of miraculous healing for evangelization in the Church today. Our evangelists have been praying for people for healing and have witnessed miraculous results.

During the pilot of the Healing in Evangelization Training Retreat and Workshop in the summer of 2017, we instructed our evangelists and modeled healing prayer for them. While modeling the prayer, five people were miraculously healed. One woman with incurable scarring of the corneas reported complete freedom from pain. Her ophthalmologist has confirmed that she no longer has any sign of corneal scarring in either eye. A religious sister came to the training with shingles, and during the healing prayer session the shingles withered up instantly and she was totally healed. Another woman who came to the retreat with a serious tear in a shoulder tendon no longer needs either pain medication or surgery. Two other cases involved pain that was eliminated through prayer.

Our Healing in Evangelization Training Retreat and Workshop will discuss the basis for asking God for miracles of healing as found in Scripture and Tradition, and model healing prayer using a four- step process. The goal of the retreat is to help each Christian evangelist learn how to proclaim the Gospel by 1) sharing biblical truths about Jesus, 2) accompanying a person to discipleship through relational ministry, and 3) praying with people for healing.

The retreat includes all meals, materials, and housing at the Mother of the Redeemer Retreat House and Conference Center in Bloomington, Indiana. Daily Mass, Confessions, and Adoration will be available.

Conferences (Main Talks) at the Retreat:

  1. Healing in Christ’s Ministry, Church History
  2. Healing today & Modern Magisterium
  3. 4 Step Prayer Model
  4. Modeling Prayer for Healing
  5. Power Evangelization (1 Cor 2)
  6. The Sending of the 70



Friday, November 3, 2017 – Saturday, November 5, 2017
From 5:00 PM on Friday to 11:00 AM on Sunday


Mother of the Redeemer Retreat House
8220 W State Road 48
Bloomington, IN 47404

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