Ybor City in the Afternoon – 1/20/18

For our first outing of 2018, we returned to our usual spot in Ybor City. Reuben, Richard, Mike and I were able to set up our table and get started. The crowd was steady, but not heavy. It was a good mix of families and adults. Not quite as rowdy as the evening crowd. Some highlights:

  1. A young man, Tyler, came up to us and accepted a rosary. After talking awhile we found out he was homeless and in a tough situation. We asked him what could we pray about for him. Of all the things to ask for, Tyler asked for God to make him more humble. Not a home, money, job, but humility. I think he already had it.
  2. Another young man, Sean, asked that we pray that he could find the light.
  3. Jose accepted a rosary saying he would use it to pray for a green card.
  4. Doug was a gentlemen going through RCIA. He accepted some items and asked for prayers that he sticks with it.
  5. Deacon Mike stopped by and commended SPSE on its activities. He asked us to pray for stronger faith.
  6. If you go back and look at our first trip to Ybor City in July 2017, you’ll find an entry about a street dancer in a silver jumpsuit with silver face paint. He hung out next to us and asked us to pray for his wife who had cancer. We told him the story of the Miraculous Medal and gave him one for his wife. Well Harry showed up again late this afternoon and said there was someone we had to meet. Over comes his wife, Kimberly. She pulls the Miraculous Medal out from her shirt and said she has not taken it off since her husband gave it to her in July. Her cancer was in remission and she felt much better. God is great!

If you’re in Tampa, please join us. We stay out about 3-4 hours. E-mail bill@brown.org.

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