Paul, Apostle of Christ Movie: SPSE Evangelizing at a Theater Near You 3/23/18

For March, as we were trying to decide where to evangelize, the “home office” requested we go to the various showings of the movie “Paul, Apostle of Christ”. So we were at the AMC 20 Theater in Brandon. The crowd was a little light. If we do it again, I’d recommend the evening shows. The logistics were fine. No one kicked us out. We set up the table. They did make us place our sandwich boards where no one could trip over them.

There was one former Catholic turned Evangelical Christian (his label, not mine) that was very good at quoting Sacred Scripture, including siting the chapter and verse. He then said to me, isn’t Scripture beautiful. I replied, “Yes, second only to the Eucharist”. He was very enthusiastic, so there was no need to engage in any other apologetics, so we just enjoyed discussing our common ground.

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