SPSE Tampa Takes on the Riverwalk 4/20/18

For April ’18, we decided to set up shop at the new Tampa Riverwalk. The logistics were great. We were able to park at MacDill park in one of about a dozen metered parking spaces and set up right on the Riverwalk about 200 yards away.

Unbeknownst to us, there was some type of charity walk taking place that morning. So we had hundreds of pedestrians pass us for the first 2 hours. I’ll bet we gave away 100 items, including our new line of bracelets that have Bible verses inscribed. There were a lot of teenagers filled with the Spirit who were glad to see us. Joyce asked me why I did this. I told her because I love Jesus so much. That earned a high 5. Another women asked us to pray for her nephew in Seminary. There was also a homeless women who asked us to pray over her.

Traffic lightened up after the walk with mostly exercising type traffic. This is definitely a place to return.

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