Tampa SPSE at Ybor Saturday Market 11/17/18

Once again we showed up for the morning market at Ybor’s Centennial Park. Foot traffic was brisk and we handed out many rosaries, medals and pamphlets. Vic, Reuben, Mike, Richard and I had a great time. That’s important too.

We had been there before and knew what to do and more importantly, not what to do, so I made sure we set up on the public sidewalk and not in the park. The person in charge of the Market tried to kick us out, but I knew my rights, politely informed her of them and said I would only leave if someone from the City came. She came back with a text from “Alice” who supposedly worked for the City. “Sorry, not good enough.” Thank God, she never returned. Police passed by and greeted us happily. The lesson is to know your rights and be polite.

A few highlights:

  1. A non-Catholic theology major was very interested in our pamphlets and how to pray the rosary. Go Holy Spirit go!
  2. A mother and her adult daughter could not believe we were handing out such nice rosaries for free. Mom cried on my shoulder.
  3. Vic handed out billions of (St. Paul & Pope Francis) dollars to the many children who passed by and then engaged with conversations about Jesus’ love for them.
  4. A Catholic couple asked to join our Chapter.
  5. Many other Catholics strengthened us with their blessings and verbal support.
  6. As usual, we were able to convince a number of protestants to pray the Hail Mary, and therefore the rosary.

If you want to join us evangelizing in the Tampa Bat area, we generally do the 3rd Saturday of the month. Contact me at bill@brown.org to get on our e-mail list.

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