Ybor City – 4/20/19

Our plan was to attend “Easter in the Park” on Picnic Island. When I arrived I noticed the white caps on the waves in the bay. As it turned out, we had a very strong wind storm that morning and the event (which included bounce houses) was cancelled. Some of us turned around and went home, but not Joe. So I told Joe to meet me at Ybor and we’d set up in the alcove of a vacant store to be protected from the wind.

It worked well and we set up the table and gave out many of the children’s Easter activity books (no bunnies or eggs – Biblical pictures) as well as our regular rosaries and medals.

We stayed from about 10am to 3pm and collected 23 prayer requests and had many meaningful conversations. Most importantly, we were able to remind many people of the true meaning of Easter.

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