You are listening to a coworker and she tells you that her son is failing his classes at school. She is at the end of her rope and doesn’t know what to do. He keeps getting into trouble. She is venting to you. This is a perfect opportunity to offer to pray with her. Sure, she might say no, but she will probably say yes even if she is not a disciple. Just offering to pray with someone is hard, now that you overcame that part; you need to pray for them. Hopefully you pray enough throughout the day that praying for someone else won’t be so hard. There is a formula we can use, though, to help us pray spontaneously when the situation calls for it.
What could you pray if you have to pray spontaneously with a person? Just remember A.C.T.S.! Do not be afraid to pray with others. They will not ask you to pray with them, but you should ask as often as you can if you can pray with them.
• Adoration – As a matter of justice we should worship and recognize God for who He is – Our loving creator and savior. Adoration is a good way to start any prayer. You can open prayer with others by saying “Almighty God and Father, we praise your holy name.” Pray prayers of adoration and praise to God.
• Contrition – We can pray for forgiveness for our sins against God and against others. When you pray with others ask God to forgive OUR trespasses. Pray the Our Father with them.
• Thanksgiving – We can thank God for the good things he has given us and done for us in our life.
• Supplication – We can ask God to provide for our needs.
When praying for others recall ACTS in your own mind. Start by making the sign of the cross and adoring God. “Almighty God and Father we love you and adore your holy name.” Then think in your mind “okay, contrition” and offer a prayer out loud asking for the forgiveness of our sins. “We are sorry for the ways that we have failed you. In Jesus Christ, forgive us our sins against you and against our neighbor.” Thank God for all of the good things in the person’s life, and then implore God to bless the person and fulfill their true needs that they have asked prayer for. “Jesus we ask you to bless and help this mom’s son as he is struggling with school. Give him the courage to talk to his parents about what is bothering him and his parents the openness to listen and respond in love. We pray this in Jesus’ name and implore the intercession of all the saints and angels. Amen.”
-excerpt from SPSE basic evangelization training module

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