Not Old Yeller

DSC02351Just got back from ISU campus with Friar Mario and I feel so happy. It was a great outing. We also got another thank-you, contrasting our presence to that of Joe, aka Joe Yeller or Old Yeller. He yells at students passing by, calling the young women sluts and hollering that they’re going to Hell.

We talked with two very interesting students with lots of question this morning: one was a lovely young woman who struggles with same-sex attraction who wanted to know if we worship saints and asked about our stance on homosexuality. The second was a young man who says he is an atheist (we never accept a label for a person) and was raised up in a strict fundamentalist family (which explains his knowledge of scripture and could explain his attitude toward it). He likes that we do not pit faith against science. Please pray for both these young people. We pray the Holy Spirit will fan into flame their curiosity and that they will come back with more questions.
God is good.


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