Support Us!


The SPSE of Warrensburg, Missouri needs your personal help to fulfill our mission of taking the truth and hope of Jesus Christ to those who don’t know it. If you are not able to actually join our team here in Warrensburg, you can still be a part of our ministry in the following ways:

  • The first and most important thing that we need is your prayers. Without prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit we labor in vain. Please remember us, and the people who God brings across our path, in your prayers each day.
  • Secondly, we also need financial support.  We do not charge for any of the items that we give to others (whether they are rosaries, medals, pamphlets, CDs, etc). But although these things are free for them, they are not free for us. If we are unable to purchase these items, then we are unable to reach others with the truth of the Gospel in this way.  If you would like to donate online to help us, please click HERE.  If you are not comfortable with donating online, you can send a check or money order to the address on the bottom of this page.

Any help (whether it is prayer or financial support) would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you and God bless!