Application Progress Tracker

Application Progress Tracker


Complete all four steps to become an official SPSE Team Leader.

  1. Fill out the Team Leader Application
  2. Have a pastor or friend submit a faith reference
  3. Create a partner account
  4. Speak with Brian Lee, our Director of Teams, to confirm that you are a good fit for the role. Schedule a call at this link

After completing these steps, you will be an official SPSE team leader. We will add your team to our Locations page with a grey icon and mark your team as “in development.” This status will give you access to a team website including a team calendar where you can schedule outings.

Next Steps: Evangelization and Ongoing Formationβ―†
As an SPSE evangelist, it is important that you evangelize regularly and take our training courses for ongoing formation.

  1. Obtain evangelization supplies (try to find a local rosary maker, or consider ordering a team starter pack)
  2. Complete your first outing (view our Street Evangelization Primer video)
  3. Post about an outing on your team website
  4. Take our Introduction to Evangelization course
  5. Take our Team Leader Training course
  6. Schedule a Street Ready Phone Interview

At that point, your team status will change and your team will be recognized on the Locations page as a fully developed team with a colored icon.

If you have questions about the status of your application, please contact Brian Lee: