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Becca Dickerson

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A Breath of Encouragement Encountering Fellow Christians

June 12, 2023

Our team is keen to reach the lost and those fallen away from the Church. However, on certain occasions, it's a breath of encouragement when we encounter believers, even Protestants on our outings. We end up swapping glory stories, sharing about why it's important for Catholics to be out on the street, and when Jesus is coming back. Our most recent outing in the Gettysburg Square seemed to be an "on-purpose" breath of encouragement from the Lord. We encountered a Knight of Columbus, a diocesan employee from a New Jersey diocese, an amazing family sold out for Jesus very active in the Protestant Church, an Eastern Rite Catholic visiting the area, some college girls who had rerouted a trip to Boston to come to Gettysburg because of "Satan-Con", and some individuals with a history in the Baptist Church. It isn't always a difficult sell to unbelievers and atheists - sometimes it's like this last outing: the Body coming together to encourage a witness to the world or chat about when Jesus is coming back and asking "Can He come back now?". Sometimes it's a rosary taken by a woman whose husband is Baptist and nervous about what the Baptist Minister might think. And sometimes it's a real chat where we speak out the name of Jesus over and over, sharing a desire for people to know Him. Our last outing was that encouraging breath from our fellow workers in the vineyard and in turn, an opportunity to encourage them with our presence and our solidarity in God's work. Obviously, it was a spiritual oxygen boost for our team to continue the work.