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Don't forget about the Eucharist!

July 31, 2023

SPSE Team Photo

SPSE Team Photo

By Connie & Dan Klunk, team members

After unloading at the New Oxford Market on the Square, we parked our vehicle behind the rectory at Immaculate Conception church just down the street. We had 8 other team members join us at different points of the day, some new just to observe what we do!
The first visitor was the Pastor from Harvest Chapel by the Bridges golf course. He was happy to see another faith-based group. Father Lyons noticed everyone that passed with a dog and suggested we get “dog treats” for our next outing (which we did!).
I encountered many people I knew. One person I used to work with stopped by. I knew she had left the Catholic church and I asked her if she has returned. She said “Oh no, I love where I am. I get excited every Sunday I wake up because I can’t wait to get to church. She said, “I never felt that way in the Catholic church.” I told her I'd pray for her and gently said…. "Please remember….don’t forget about the Eucharist! We have the Real Presence of Jesus." She bowed her head and said…."Well….I know….but we have communion once or twice a month." She immediately turned away and suggested we have lunch sometime. I smiled and said agreed.

The last couple we encountered was someone who grew up on Main Street in McSherrystown and use to go to ABVM (Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish). I told him how we are renovating the inside and that he should come by sometime to see the stations of the cross. He goes to his wife’s church and they attend Mountain Top church in Chambersburg. He ended that he would like to bring his wife to see our church because he always thought it was so beautiful! I said to look for us and we will welcome you!
Overall, a good day in New Oxford!