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Becca Dickerson

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Treasure Hunting on the Street

July 31, 2023

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SPSE Team Photo

By Becca Dickerson

In my previous experience doing street evangelization as a Protestant, I had participated in a "street church" ministry while living in the UK. We would usually meet for an hour near where we'd be evangelizing and would pray for words, pictures, etc. describing the people who we would and should talk to on the street (i.e. red coat, bike spoke, black umbrella, etc.). We called this "treasure hunting", as we were really going out to seek the treasured souls that God wanted us to speak to. We'd always approach them (which took guts!) and remind them of how much God loves them, sees them, knows and cares for them, etc. We ALWAYS found the people.

After a few outings with our growing team, I decided that I'd like to ask the Lord to show me what treasures to hunt for at the Snacktown Street Fair in Hanover, PA on July 15. So, on my way there, I prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to show me the pictures or words to describe the people. I wrote down about 8 things and also wrote "praying for healing", as I thought we would be praying for the healing of those who stopped by our table.

Firstly, we did a lot of praying for healing during the day: healing of relationships, people who'd been diagnosed with terminal illnesses. They just kept coming.

Secondly, I found the Treasure! One of my words was "salt and pepper beard". I stood waiting in front of our table in the morning and I saw a few men with salt and pepper beards, but then a certain gentleman came by and I just walked out and talked to him. I said, "I know this sounds strange, but I was praying and I felt that I would speak to a man with a salt and pepper beard, and here you are. How are you doing today?" He told me he was a Christian and I asked if he needed prayer, and then I gave him a miraculous medal.

One of the other pictures/words was "woman with large sunglasses". As we were talking with people, I kept my eye out, and then I saw her. I knew immediately she was the one to talk to. I walked over to her and started the same way, "I know this might sound strange, but..." and she proceeded to share with me that she really needed prayer for her boyfriend, Johnny, who did not believe in God. She said she'd been raised in Church, and had attended 12 years of Catholic school, but after everything she tried, he just wouldn't believe. She said, "That is why I know you came over and talked to me today." She came over to our table and grabbed a few things and I said, "I asked someone once what I should do to help those I know need conversion, and he told me to pray the rosary every day for their conversion." I told her to try doing the same for her boyfriend and see what happens. She was elated talking to us and hugged me at the end (incredible!).

One of the last people I encountered from my list was a girl in a graphic tee and bike shorts (that was my picture from prayer!). I went up to her and the man she was walking with and again, started the same, "I know this might sound strange, but..." And she told me that's not strange! I asked her how she was doing and if she needed prayer. She got very serious and said, "I need prayer for my family". I asked her some clarifying questions and she told me she needed prayer specifically for "Mack", a family member. I told her that God loved her, he saw her, he knew her, and knew what she needed, handed them some medals and they went on walking.

I regularly pray for Johnny and Mack now, thinking about how God revealed His treasured souls who He knows, loves, and sees on the street that day.