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Becca Dickerson

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Fruit from Last Year's Holiday Gift Fair

December 7, 2023

From Connie:
"Our very first encounter was a woman who said “Do you remember me?!!” We looked closely at her and both said ….”Yes! We do! You were the one from last year that we exchanged phone numbers”. She laughed and then said, “I just recently came across your number and realized I never called you and I was hoping to see you here”. She continued…..”I have to tell you…….my life has changed! I went back to church! I go to Bible Study group and I love it!” She was bursting at the seams and so excited to share with us what God has done in her life. I was SO moved …….my eyes filled up with tears.
Suddenly, I recalled our encounter from last year. She had come to us for prayer. As Dan prayed over her, she cried the entire time. She told us she had just lost her mother and her sister was very ill and she was at the bazaar for the very first time by herself. She was grieving, lonely and very sad that day. I remembered she came back to our table several times just to chat and show me her purchases. Before she had left we exchanged phone numbers, however I never heard from her after that.
Until now……”one year later”……..her name is Sharon, she was here this year with her niece, she couldn’t stop smiling and her face was just “glowing”! As she walked away….with a huge smile pointed to heaven……and then she promised to call me for lunch. At that moment, I thought, "God you are amazing!" One prayer, one encounter and a conversation touched a broken lonely heart and filled it with joy, happiness and peace!"
From Becca: I also encountered someone who had had a tragedy last year. Last year, she approached our table and recognized me and just broke down in tears. They had recently lost her grandson during birth and their family was beside themselves trying to deal with the loss. This year, she too had a totally different countenance and had been working through healing the whole year. Also a few weeks before the fair, I had prayed for a parishioner's healing because he had thrown out his back. At the fair, he shared with me that he had had no pain since we prayed and that he felt confident he wouldn't need surgery. So, another parishioner approached our table at the fair and shared that he had also thrown out his back after falling off a ladder in his yard. I immediately asked to pray with him, after seeing the fruit of healing that the Lord had worked for the first parishioner.
Fr. Lyons also had a lot of conversations and blessings (of medals and people) in Spanish. We offered prayer to countless people; prayers for situations and healing, and anything in between.  SPSE Team Photo
SPSE Team Photo