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Cathy Jones

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God Had Another Plan!

June 13, 2022

The SPSE team’s table was set up in front of the St. Vincent DePaul food pantry when a red pickup truck pulled up in front.  The driver and passenger were seated inside.  The driver turned off the ignition and waited for the food to be delivered for pickup.
After several attempts to restart the engine failed, prayer was offered up.  After praying, however, although the engine did not start, revelation was given to the passenger to check the oil pressure gauge which revealed the oil level was extremely low.  This was confirmed manually, as well, by the dip stick level.
Being aware of the critical situation at hand, a team member quickly and enthusiastically drove off to a local dollar store to purchase the needed motor oil.
In the interim, while waiting, the other team member had an opportunity to evangelistically engage the passenger, who, as it turned out did not know Jesus nor ever responded to the salvation message. Using the “Jesus knocking at the door” card as a show and tell lead into an explanation of the kerygma, the passenger responded to the Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ.
The truck, after being filled with some oil, started up and the driver and passenger were on their way.
Praise be Jesus Christ!