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"HIs Amazing Grace"

May 15, 2022

Last year we had two separate encounters with a woman who came to our SPSE  table in front of the St Vincent DePaul food pantry, next to St Mary’s church.

The first time we Initially saw her was when she was headed to our table crying out in distress.  Her gait was not steady and she needed assistance in sitting down.  She was distraught, disheveled and in pain.
After speaking to her at length, she shared she had just fallen into a ditch and her back and legs were hurting.  A noticeable black and blue mark appeared on her face. She was also distraught over the recent death of her sister and was crying out for the Lord to take her.  Her life was in shambles and she was experiencing emotional and physical pain.
We prayed and asked the Lord to heal her of the physical and emotional torment she was going through.  During prayer we experienced the tangible presence and power of the Holy Spirit as we lifted her up to the Lord,
After praying for her she shared the back and leg pain subsided and from what we observed it was quite obvious she was able to walk much better.
Several weeks went by before we saw this precious lady again as she and another lady approached our table.
We were not sure whether this was the same lady we encountered previously and before we could get the words out of our mouth she inquired if we remembered who she was.  She greeted us with a big smile and told us her name.  She looked and acted like a completely different person; neatly dressed, hair combed, and at peace.  She mentioned she was working at a local restaurant.
As it turns out she ministered to us by telling us how much God loves us!  She took some of the pamphlets on the table along with a few rosaries and was planning on going to the Salvation Army shelter, perhaps to share Jesus’ love with them.  This woman was transformed by His amazing Grace and the power of prayer!  All Praise and Glory be unto Jesus!