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Ann Arbor

Country: United States
State or province: Michigan

Team Leader
John Harburg

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July 30 outing

August 3, 2022

Joseph Lipa (middle) and I (left) began handing out rosaries  and Joseph was able to  have  a  couple of interesting conversations.  I began offering Miraculous medals when a young woman stopped to  find out what it was.   The Holy Spirit took over and I was able to explain it flawlessly (without looking at the card) jumping quickly to find out about her spirituality.   She was raised in a Christian Home but  now had a very generic, pantheistic/new age belief.  I met her on those grounds saying that I  also believed in  a God  who was  omnipresent and omniscient.  I gave her my testimony and told her I was Catholic and believed in Jesus who died for me.  This all flowed out of me with no thinking on my part.  She accepted the medal and we parted on positive terms.  I just had a sense that her curiosity was pricked.  Serena Schwartz joined   (a new member of the team) and did pretty well reaching out  to people.  All in all a fruitful outing opened and closed  with prayer  (Joseph’s suggestion).SPSE Team Photo