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Ann Arbor

Country: United States
State or province: Michigan

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John Harburg

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Free Miracles

December 5, 2019

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As I was setting up my station, a man approached me and asked who I was associated with. I told him St. Paul Street Evangelization. He knew all about us as he was with campus ministries (I was on central campus at the University of Michigan). I felt very supported by his fellowship and encouragement.

At this point my partner showed up and we spent an hour offering rosaries and Miraculous Medals. One person took a rosary saying he had a home altar and many other rosaries. I got creative and started offering “free miracles”. A woman ran up to me all excited and asked for that free miracle. I gave her a Miraculous Medal and explained what it was. I took her name and asked for what she wanted prayer. She said she needed a miracle for her grades as her friend bust out in giggles. I promised to pray for that miracle.

It was very cold and I discussed with my partner finding a place indoors for the winter months. He was in full agreement.

Praised be Jesus Christ! God is ready to perform these “free miracles” that today’s evangelist promoted. All we have to do is ask Him!