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Evangelization at J&J Flea Market Athens Ga

September 16, 2019

Hello, this will be my first post on the SPSE Athens website and I am not the most computer savvy person in the world so please be patient with my efforts.

I found out about Saint Paul Street Evangelization from listening to Catholic Answers Radio, and being a recent convert to the Catholic faith, previously I was Baptist, I can honestly say I was surprised to find out that there were Catholics evangelizing. I am currently a part time truck driver, previously I was a full time long haul truck driver and I have been to all the lower 48 states plus Canada. And in all my travels I have seen Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses and numerous protestant denominations myself included (I was pretty involved in the tract ministry) evangelizing but never any Catholics. That being said I am sure there were some but I never personally crossed paths with any. Since going part time at work I am in the process of getting a SPSE team started in the Athens area and I would like to thank David Adair and his wife Anne who are with the SPSE in the Atlanta area for all the help they have given me and going with me for the first time to set up in Athens.

My first experience evangelizing with SPSE was pretty positive and to be honest so simple even a truck driver can do it. I found the experience to be very spiritually rewarding and every one that I made contact with even if they didn’t agree with the catholic faith were polite and civil. I would ask that anyone reading this keep myself and the other SPSE teams in your prayers and to consider becoming involved yourself.

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