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Snellville - St. Oliver Plunkett

Country: United States
State or province: Georgia

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Robert Zendejas

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Evangelizing Outing - Alexander Park

March 5, 2022

Four members of the St. Oliver’s SPSE ventured out to Alexander Park on Sunday afternoon. The group decided to do this outing in shifts starting out with two evangelizers and then finishing with three. Soon after setting up, we notice a man expressing some interest as he past us. When this man was passing us for the second time, he hesitated looking back at us which gave us the opportunity to talk with him. We asked him if he had any question and told him that all our material on the table was free and would he like to look at it. He came over and immediately started telling his story. He was a convert and did so when he got married. He readily spoke about when he converted, he knew that he was in the true church and he loved being Catholic but all this changed when his marriage failed and he felt the church left him. He continued to say he knew he belonged in this church and he had to get back to Her. We told him the church didn’t leave him and the church wanted him to return. We invited him to come to church with us and we also suggested that he meet with our Pastor to talk about his concerns.

The next person to stop by our table was a lady that was very upset because of her lying. You could tell she felt very guilty due to her lying. We offered to pray with her and we all prayed our own prayer, out loud, asking God to forgive her, to see into her heart and giver her peace.  After that she kept on walking.

Another guy stopped when he was asked if he had questions or needed prayers. He was a Hispanic Jewish man but said every Hispanic he knew was Catholic. We talked with him about the Catholic faith