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Snellville - St. Oliver Plunkett

Country: United States
State or province: Georgia

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Robert Zendejas

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Prayers Old and New at St Vincent de Paul Thrift Store

May 8, 2022

On Saturday May 7th, we set up next to the St Vincent de Paul  Thrift store and were Blessed with several great encounters.   We are always greeted by passer byers who express their appreciation for being out and sharing our faith.

After walking by our table a few times, Anna approached us and to review the rosaries and medals.  As we mentioned to her we offer prayers, she asked if we would pray for her health.  She did not mention was she was suffering from, but clearly by her facial expression, she was going thru something.


Mary from Athens and her friend stopped by to share their story.  Mary attended Catholic school back in 1946 for 2 years, but her parents transferred her to public school.  She wished she had remained in the Catholic school, she felt she would have received a better education and social and moral upbringing. She and her friend accepted rosaries.

Luke approached us and clearly wanted to discuss religion with us.  He was a Vietnamese refugee who traveled by boat to the US.  He firmly believes God chose him to leave his country and follow Christianity here in the US. He was not involved in religion prior to his journey to the US.  He liked to reference the Bible.  He holds to the belief if you do not believe in Jesus, you are not his brother and he doesn't think he should associate with you, whether that means in prayer, sharing faith.  We tried to engage him in our faith discussion, however he would change the subject back to his beliefs.  The world is full of those today, if you do not agree with their thoughts, beliefs or their morality, they choose not to listen to others.

At the end of our outing, a gentlemen from Guatemala came up to us on his bike.  He attends the nearby Catholic church St Lawrence.  Carlo mentioned back home in Guatemala, they are tearing down Catholic churches.  At St Lawrence, there are many parishioners from Guatemala, so they are giving to the churches back home to rebuild and spread the Catholic faith.  He seems very devoted to his religion.